I just wrote a script to easily download your FULL friendfeed stream. I mean: every post with comments, likes and even images and/or files. Enough for the good news: the bad news is that this a PHP command line script and you have to know how to run it. On a recent  OSX or Linux environment you should be ready to go. For Windows-ers it could be a little more difficult. Sorry.

Anyway, here is the features list:

  • can fetch a private stream, giving your remote key
  • locally downloads images and files (detects already downloaded things)
  • upon subsequent runs, it tries to get only the newly added posts
  • the output file is JSON
  • it scales well!
  • it’s free software (MIT license)

Download the scripts from Github (the link points to the project page, where you can read the README too. In this case you’re interested to the ffexp.php script).

You then may run it like:

php ffexp.php somefilename.json

As you may infer from the output file extension, the output is plain good JSON. This format is very handy for whatever thing you may need to do with the export file. But this is up to you (or your programmer friend).

As an example of JSON postprocessor I also wrote a converter that given your export file will render a fully functional HTML file, looking just like a Friendfeed page. It also automatically embeds the necessary JavaScript, CSS and even icon images. Download the ffexp2html from Github, open it, read the fine documentation and run it like:

php ffexp2html.php somefilename.json > somefilename.html

Now you can open the somefile.html file with your browser (no internet connection needed). You may find a generated output here.

Limits? Yes there are:

  • No download of your DMs (don’t know exactly why, maybe a limit of the API. But I don’t care)
  • You can download even entire rooms (just use the room name as the username), but it seems that there is a limit of how back you can go. Very high, but it exists.